GA-B75M-D3H (rev. 1.1)

other version:  rev. 1.0 rev. 1.2
Intel®  B75 Chipset
Insist on Ultra Durable
  • HDMI/DVI interface for smoother HD video playback
  • Supports 3rd Gen. Intel® 22nm CPUs and 2nd Gen. Intel® Core™ CPUs (LGA1155 socket)
  • 2-way CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support
  • PCI Express Gen 3.0 support
  • GIGABYTE On/Off Charge™ for USB devices
  • All new design of Ultra Durable 4 classic
  • Industry's Leading All Japanese Solid Capacitor Design
  • GIGABYTE 333™ Onboard Acceleration (USB 3.0, SATA 3.0 & 3x USB Power)
  • UEFI DualBIOS™ protection with 3TB+ HDD boot up capability
Type Subject
Driver / Software / OS Does it support Encrypted Hard Drive eDrive in Windows 8?
Yes, it supports.
System / HW Installation What is the weight limit for the CPU cooler?
The weight limit is 450g.
Peripherals In Windows XP, how to play sound from both front and rear audio jacks?
First of all, make sure the audio cable from the chassis supports HD Audio then follow the instruction below:
  1. Double click  icon to access [HD Audio Manager].
  2. Click [Audio I/O] tab. 
  3. Click  icon.
  4. Uncheck [Disable front panel jack detection] and [Mute rear panel output when front headphone plugged in].
  5. Press [OK] to finish the procedure.
Storage Devices My Windows 8.1 system can't accelerate with SSD to get Intel Smart Response TechnologySRT working.
Your GPT Mode O.S. HDD needs at least 5MBRecommended 10MB unallocated place for SRT to store the data. 
Please shrink a 5MBRecommended 10MB volume on your O.S. HDD and reboot to get SRT working.
System / HW Installation How to enter BIOS setting when Windows 8 fast boot is enabled?
Too shorten boot up time, fast boot feature does not allow [DEL] key to enter BIOS during POST.
You may follow the procedure below to enter BIOS setting:
  1. Open Charm Bar and click [Setting] keyboard: [Windows] key + [I].

  2. Click [Power] then you will see [Restart]. Press [Shift] + [Restart] simultaneously.

  3. Now you will see a "Choose an option" screen. Choose [Troubleshoot].

  4. Click on [Advanced options].

  5. Choose [UEFI Firmware Settings].

  6. Click [Restart] then computer will automatically enter BIOS setting.

System / HW Installation Error occurs when I try to install onboard VGA driver on Windows Vista.
Since there are some limitations on processor, please verify it in advance:
● If you are using Sandy Bridge CPU, please click here to download the latest onboard VGA driver and try again.
● Ivy Bridge CPU does not support Windows Vista operating system. Please either replace it with Sandy Bridge CPU or use Windows 7 / 8 instead.
Driver / Software / OS Are there any restrictions or limitations when using Xpress Recovery2 software?
If your hard disk size capacity is larger than 137GB, Xpress Recovery2 will install successfully under Windows XP SP1or later, Windows 2000 SP3or later. If you are using any older versions of O.S to the ones that was mentioned, please install software called "EnableBigLba" , to ensure Xpress Recovery2 will install properly.
Others How to use Xpress Recovery2?
Xpress Recovery2 is designed to provide quick backup and restoration of hard disk data. Supporting Microsoft operating systems including Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me and DOS, and file systems including FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS, Xpress Recovery2 is able to back up data on hard disks on PATA and SATA IDE controllers. After Xpress Recovery2 is executed from CD-ROM for the first time, it will stay permanent in your hard disk. If you wish to run Xpress Recovery2 later, you can simply press F9 during system bootup to enter Xpress Recovery2 without the CD-ROM. System requirements:
  1. Intel x86 platforms
  2. At least 64M bytes of system memory
  3. VESA-supported VGA cards
How to use the Xpress Recovery2 Initial access by booting from CD-ROM and subsequent access by pressing the F9 key: Steps: After entering BIOS Setup, go to Advanced BIOS Feature and set to boot from CD-ROM. Save the settings and exit the BIOS Setup. Insert the provided driver CD into your CD-ROM drive. Upon system restart, the message which says "Boot from CD/DVD:" will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Press any key to enter Xpress Recovery2. After the steps above are completed, subsequent access to Xpress Recovery2 can be made by simply pressing the key during system power-on.

  1. If you have already entered Xpress Recovery2 by booting from the CD-ROM, you can enter Xpress Recovery2 by pressing the key in the future.
  2. System storage capacity and the reading/writing speed of the hard disk will affect the data backup speed.
  3. It is recommended that Xpress Recovery2 be immediately installed once you complete installations of OS and all required drivers as well as software.
The Main Screen of Xpress Recovery2
  1. RESTORE: Restore the backed-up data to your hard disk. This button will not appear if there is no backup file.
  2. BACKUP: Back up data from hard disk.
  3. REMOVE: Remove previously-created backup files to release disk space.
    This button will not appear if there is no backup file.
  4. REBOOT: Exit the main screen and restart the system.
  1. Not compatible to Xpress Recovery.
  2. For the use of Xpress Recovery2, a primary partition must be reserved.
  3. Xpress Recovery2 will store the backup file at the end of the hard disk, so free space available on the hard disk for the backup file must be allocated in advance. A minimum 4GB is recommended but the actual space is dependent on the size of the data to be backed up
  4. Capable of backing up hard disks installed with Windows operating systems including DOS and Windows XP/2000/NT/9x/Me.
  5. USB hard disks are currently not supported.
  6. Does not support RAID/AHCI class code 0104/0106 hard disks.
  7. Capable of backing up and restoring only the first physical hard disk.
    Hard disks detection sequence is as follows:
    1. PATA IDE primary channel
    2. PATA IDE secondary channel
    3. SATA IDE channel 1
    4. SATA IDE channel 2
    5. SATA IDE channel 3
    6. SATA IDE channel 4
  1. When using hard disks with more than 128G under Windows 2000, be sure to execute the EnableBigLba.exe program from the driver CD before data backup.
  2. It is normal that data backup takes longer time than data restoration.
  3. Xpress Recovery2 is compliant with the GPL regulations.
  4. On a few motherboards based on Nvidia chipsets, BIOS update is required for Xpress Recovery2 to correctly identify RAID and SATA IDE mode. Please contact your motherboard manufacturer.
  5. Xpress Recovery2 supports only PATA hard disks and not SATA hard disks on the following motherboards As this is a BIOS-related issue, it can be solved by BIOS update GA-K8U GA-K8U-9 GA-K8NXP-SLI GA-K8N Ultra-SLI GA-K8N Pro-SLI GA-K8NXP-9 GA-K8N Ultra-9 GA-K8NF-9 PCB Ver. 1.0 GA-K8NE PCB Ver. 1.0 GA-K8NMF-9 GA-8N-SLI Royal GA-8N-SLI Pro GA-8N-SLI
Driver / Software / OS There is a Windows 8 BSOD problem when I upgrade it from Windows 7 which has On/off Charge installed.
Please update to the latest version of On/Off charge from GIGABYTE official website.
Driver / Software / OS How to determine whether drivers are all installed?
Download Center can help to verify. You may click here for the instructions.
Driver / Software / OS What Operatiing System can my motherboard support?
Please refer to the specification on our website or user manual. Attach the two example images of where the information shows on product page or user manual. The information may vary by models.

BIOS Does it support [Real-Time CPU Ratio Control In OS] ?
No, it does not.
Driver / Software / OS Windows crashes when I start Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Premiere Elements, or Adobe Premiere Pro.
Please upgrade Realtek HD audio driver to latest version, and you can download this driver from Realtek website at
Driver / Software / OS After using the program Xpress Recovery2 from the Driver CD to backup the files, when rebooting the system why won't Xpress Recovery run by pressing F9 as indicated, the only way to run Xpress Recovery2 is by inserting the Driver CD and running it off the CD?
The latest version of Xpress Recovery2 has fixed this issue, please go to Utility section under Motherboard support and download latest Xpress Recovery2.
Driver / Software / OS There is an error when installing the USB 3.0 driver to a system running on Windows 8 with On/off Charge installed.
Please uninstall the On/off Charge from control panel first. Install the USB 3.0 driver before latest version of On/Off charge is installed again.
System / HW Installation USB 3.0 performance drops after system shut down in Windows 8.
Please update BIOS to latest version and [Load Optimized Defaults]. If problem remains, kindly set [xHCI Mode] to [Enable].
Driver / Software / OS Why my system is constantly rebooted after executing the EZ Smart Response from EZ Setup?
Method 1: Save the file of patch.exe on your system desk and execute it before reboot the system. Then the Intel Smart Response will be done of reset after system rebooted.

Method 2: Remove the EZ Setup and reinstall your Windows OS. Visit GIGABYTE website to get the latest version of EZ Setup and go through the installing process of EZ Setup.
System / HW Installation How to enable Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology EIST?
Kindly follow the procedure below:
  1. Make sure all the hardware support EIST, ex: CPU, operating system, etc.
  2. Enter BIOS setting and set [Advanced BIOS Features] > [CPU EIST Function] to [Enable].
  3. Different Power Management setting requires in Windows:
    1. Windows XP: set up Power Management to [Maximum Power Savings].
    2. Windows 7: set up Power Management to [Balanced] or [Saving].
Product Spec. What is the HDMI version?
The HDMI version is 1.4.
Driver / Software / OS Why does the system pop up an UAC User Account Control alert window while executing Dynamic Energy Saver / Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced / Dynamic Energy Saver 2 or EasyTune6 in Windows Vista / 7?
UAC is a protection procedure made by Microsoft to prevent unauthorized changes. You can modify disable UAC setting in Microsoft and you will no longer receive this message.

If you need to find more detail about Microsoft UAC or how to disable it, you can refer to the following URLs:
Windows Vista 
WIndows 7

Driver / Software / OS After installed EasyTune6, I always receive UAC User Account Control alert windows after entering Windows Vista / 7. Is there any way to prevent it?
Kindly download latest EasyTune6 from our web site.
BIOS How come the Energy star certification mark and the DualBIOS logo disappear during BIOS POST?
EPA has strengthened the requirements for computers earning the ENERGY STAR certification mark. Desktop computer is eligible for ENERGY STAR. Therefore, the Energy star certification mark will be removed in motherboard BIOS. Meanwhile, the DualBIOS logo will be removed.

For detail of EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency, please click here

Product Spec. What is the difference between a 24-pin and a 20-pin motherboard power connector?
The 20-pin connector belongs to older ATX standard while 24-pin connector follows newer ATX standard. The 24-pin connector just the 20-pin cable with 4 extra wires to provide extra current. As long as your power supply can provide sufficient power to the motherboard, you can still use 20-pin power supply. 
Driver / Software / OS Why does the system crash occasionally when Easy Tune 6 and online game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 runs simultaneously?
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has built-in PunkBuster which had been found compatibility issue with Easy Tune 6 utility. We suggest you to disable Easy Tune 6 before playing this game to prevent system crash.